What to do about your ash tree

The city’s efforts to curb the spread of the emerald ash borer are ongoing. If you own an ash tree, you are required to have it treated or felled and replaced. To reduce the costs associated with this work, the city offers two assistance programs. Here is everything you need to know.

Treating an ash tree

If your ash tree is healthy, you are required to have it treated against the emerald ash borer once every two years. The city offered this service free of charge through July 31, 2019. Next spring, ash tree owners will be informed as to whether this program is still being offered.

Felling or replacing an ash tree

You may apply for a subsidy for felling work on your property. This financial assistance is conditional on replacing the felled ash tree, which the city can do free of charge.

If you decide to replace your ash tree yourself, please see this list of allowable species (in French).  

Disposing of ash wood residue 

You can dispose of ash wood residue by:

  • bringing it to the écocentre nearest you
  • including wood disposal in your felling contract

Identifying an ash tree

Certains characteristics distinguish an ash tree:

  • Branches and opposite leaves
Branches and opposite leaves 
  • Unique bark
Unique bark
  • Compound leaves with an odd number of leaflets
Compound leaves with an odd number of leaflets