Animal patrol

Officers patrol the parks and streets of Montréal to raise public awareness and ensure adherence to animal control regulations. Find out more about the animal patrol.

Role of the animal patrol

The animal patrol is aimed at ensuring public safety and compliance with the By-law Concerning Domestic Animals.


  • To check to ensure that you hold a valid license.
  • To ensure that you know what your responsibilities are as a pet owner.
  • To ensure compliance with animal control regulations.
  • To respond to complaints concerning aggressive dogs and ensure follow-up.
  • To help find lost pets.

Fines for offences

The animal patrol can issue statements of offence, alone or in collaboration with the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM).

Offences under the by-law

Offences may include the absence of a tag or a leash, unsanitary conditions, and nuisances associated with an pet, such as excessive noise or damage to another person’s property. Fines range from $300 for a first offence to $2,000. For a corporate body, fines may be as high as $4,000.

Offences related to safety

If your pet attacks, bites or attempts to bite a person or a pet, you may receive a fine ranging from $500 to $2,000. For a corporate body, the fine may be as high as $4,000.

Swap Your Ticket Program

If you receive a statement of offence accompanied with the “Swap Your Ticket” leaflet, you may have your statement of offence cancelled in exchange for attending an awareness session on safety regulations.