Requests and Payments

Obtain a parking permit, renew a dog permit or pay a parking or traffic ticket. Check out all the available services.

List of services in alphabetical order

Accessing a boat launching ramp
If you own a boat and want to access the launching ramps in LaSalle or Pointe-aux-Trembles, learn what you need to do to use them.
Adding a pet license to my account
If you received your dog or cat license before April 2019 and want to be able to renew it online for the first time, or would like to be notified when it is about to expire, you can add a pet license to your account. Learn how to add a license here.
Apply for a parking zone for valet service
Are you a business owner who would like to provide clients with valet service? Here's how to apply for a parking zone for valet service.
Applying for a subsidy to fell and replace ash trees
Did you have an ash tree felled? The city offers a subsidy and will replace it free of charge. Learn about how to submit an application.
Cancelling a cat or dog license
If you lose your cat, give your dog away, or if your pet has died, you must cancel your license. Here’s how.
Change your address for your tax account
Would you like to change the mailing address for your tax account? Here’s how to do it.
Changing a postal address for the assessment roll
If you own property in Montréal, you can change the mailing address for the assessment roll.
Changing the address on your Accès Montréal card
If you are moving and you wish to change the address associated with your Accès Montréal card, find out how.
Consult the property assessment roll
Want to consult the property assessment roll or find out a building’s municipal assessment value? Learn how here.
Contest a statement of offence
Would you like to contest a ticket issued by the city? Here's how.